Wednesday, October 18, 2006

How To Steal an Election

I’ve commented more than once that I prefer to vote on Election Day, and that if I had my 'druthers’ I’d be marking a paper ballot. As old as I am…just slightly older than dirt…I still don’t think I count as a Luddite, but where voting is concerned I have more faith in my neighbors of all parties counting paper ballots.

Yeah, yeah, I know….elections have been stolen in the past. But the theft can be so slickly done on some electronic voting machines as to be undetectable.

Here’s an interesting explanation of how it can be done in about sixty seconds o
n the Diebold machines. (Can you say “Ohio?”)

I missed this You Tube offering in September.

The full paper, published by the Center for Information Technology Policy, Princeton University, is available here.


Michael said...

I'm with you - paper balloting on election day at the polls. I couldn't imagine not going to my polling precinct and standing in the little booth filling in the little arrow. It's part of the process!

Dave Atlas said...

Sure makes the case for not trusting computer based voting. We'll just have to push for continuation of more traditional voting fraud instead of this more modern version.

The more you tinker and modernize a system, the more difficult it gets to know how well it is actually working. We must not get so confident in machines that we forget how easily they can be diddled with by "experts".

Zelph said...

Google Bomb the midterms.

The Committee said...

I voted paper ballots for years in many states and counties and I still say it's the least subject to fraud when both parties oversee it as they should at the county level.