Saturday, October 14, 2006

Esquire Endorses Napolitano, Giffords, and 502 Others

Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated. What can’t be exaggerated is my declining interest in continued jousting in an arena where political junkies on both sides of the aisle seem to have run out of new stuff to say.

I find political TV advertising particularly discouraging. Much of it is so outrageously mendacious that it seems almost designed to discourage political participation altogether. Perhaps that’s what it’s intended to do.

On the other hand I am encouraged by what I sense to be an awakening of political interest in great numbers of Americans whose past political passivity has been noteworthy. It is almost as if the political genius of the nation is stirring and the process of self-correction and re-adjustment is underway. We’ll see.

As evidence of this political interest in unexpected areas I offer the latest edition of Esquire. In addition to a spread on the sexiest woman alive (Scarlett Johanson,) there’s the usual pretty good fiction and features, along with fashion advice for men who are as rail thin as the models in Vogue.

And this month: Something entirely different, a “Get Out & Vote” feature. Esquire chips in with endorsements, and their rationale, on 504 races.

Here are the endorsements in Arizona: Napolitano, Pederson, Simon, Thrasher, Shadegg, Pastor, Flake, Mitchell, Giffords and Grijalva. There is a short justification of each choice here.

To read all 504 endorsements, their justifications, a statement of Esquire’s method, and short sections on the best and worst in Congress click here.

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x4mr said...

Didn't think you were dead.

Share your views about the campaign advertising, in particular the ones being run by the Kyl campaign and those atrocious hit pieces on Giffords by the PAC's.

I think the blogger "jousting" has virtually stopped except for a little bickering over at AZ Eighth, and there isn't too much of that. I suppose if we wanted we could head over to Sonoran Alliance, but agree with you and doubt anything new would be said.

As I posted not sure how long ago, the one possible silver lining in this "mess" we've discussed on earlier TDP threads, is that it has awakened a sleeping population that is really starting to look around and get "mad as hell and not going to take it anymore!"