Thursday, October 26, 2006

Arizona Range News and San Pedro Valley News-Sun Endorse Giffords

Here is a portion of their endorsement editorial:

One good thing about the election being just around the corner is that we are only two weeks away from not having to listen to political ads. It seems they become more obnoxious every year and less dependent on actual facts.

That has certainly been the case this year.

Advertising against one candidate and for one proposition has been so misleading and so devoid of facts that we are taking this opportunity to clear the air a bit and endorse in those two races…. One of the more egregious examples is Randy Graf's ad calling Gabrielle Giffords an extreme liberal. (Data Port emphasis) Giffords is moderate by any reasonable definition. Graf's ad makes it sound as if Giffords is helping to smuggle undocumented workers across the border. Part of the problem for Graf is that he is essentially a one-issue candidate. He has focused most of his campaign on border issues. They are important issues, but we need congressional representation with a little more depth and breadth.

Giffords has run a campaign that addresses the border, but also addresses health care, education, public safety and a host of other critical issues that don't seem to get much traction in the Graf campaign. Jim Kolbe was a good congressman for more than 20 years. We need someone to replace him who will represent all of the District 8 constituents. We need someone who is fair-minded and measured in response to challenges.

It isn't about Democrat or Republican. It's about the individual. For that reason, we endorse Gabrielle Giffords for the District 8 congressional seat.

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Mister T in AZ said...

Hey, allow me to steal this thread for a second since it is kinda related. Tedski, The Lofty Donkey, and me have put together an arizona netroots donation page.

While we are currently only raising money for Harry, Jim, Ellen, and Gabby - if you sponsor a candidate (meaning you’ll push the page on your blog and other places) we’ll add anyone you want.

But - if you just read blogs - and want to give money from the netroots to our fav candidates - do so at

Marco Alatorre said...

Gabrielle Giffords would vote to ban guns

Gabrielle Giffords is no moderate. She is a liberal, anti-gunner who has stated that she would vote to reauthorize the Clinton Gun Ban, which expired in September 2004.

This ill conceived piece of legislation banned guns based on purely cosmetic features. If a certain gun looks a certain way, then that gun would be banned. At the same time, many guns that were functionally identical to the banned guns remained legal.

And what is the rationale for banning firearms based on mere cosmetic features? The answer lies in the politics of gun control. While it is currently politically impractical to ban all firearms, the foot in the door is to ban those firearms that look "evil". The idea is to tell the public that only "evil" guns are being banned. Then, after the public has become used to the ban of evil guns, you come back for a second pass. You say that many guns have slipped through a "loophole" in the law and these guns that slipped through the loophole are functionally identical to the banned, evil guns and therefore they also should also be banned. Aren't anti-gunners clever!

So, when Gabrielle Giffords says that she would vote to reauthorize the Clinton Gun Ban, she is really admitting that she intends to support a broad attack on all firearms ownership nationwide. Yes, she intends to ban firearms. Yes, she is anti-gun. And yes, she is a liberal pretending to be a moderate.

The Clinton Gun Ban made no sense and finally, even the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms has admitted that it had no effect of crime. Yet Gabrielle Giffords has stated that she would vote to reauthorize such a senseless law that serves no purpose other than to advance the cause of gun control.

Liza said...

"Jim Kolbe was a good congressman..."

Give me a break. Jim Kolbe tows the Republican party line. He didn't represent his constituency any better than any other Republican. Check out his voting record. Everything else is just a smoke screen.

Kralmajales said...

Marco Marco Marco...

We have had this discussion on Arizona 8th. Giffords is reasonable and not extreme on guns. She might ban those assault weapons you apparently think are important to protect, but not hand-guns or others.

If you put Giffords next to Graf on this issue...again...she looks reasonable.

Graf believes somehow that the 2nd Amendment means you should be able to carry a gun into a BAR...against the property owner's wishes. That is ridiculous. In fact, anyone out there who favors property rights should be angered by his guns in bars proposals.

I mean, should I have to let people carry guns into my house????

Giffords is reasonable on guns...Graf is not.

Marco Alatorre said...


As I said before, the Clinton Gun Ban that Gabby said she supports would ban guns based merely on the way they look. I also posted that the BATF has admitted that this ban did nothing to affect crime.

The fact is that voting to ban guns based on what a gun looks like is wacko extreme. If you can justify banning a class of guns based on cosmetics what will stop you from banning other guns as well?

Any why would you favor banning such guns in the face of the volume of evidence that such a ban accomplished nothing to affect crime?

The answer is the "foot in the door". To get a precedent for banning guns on a whim rather than substance.

Certainly Gabby knows all of the foregoing and still she persists in her anti gun position.

That places her solidly on the left with Kennedy, Schumer, Clinton, Pelosi et al.

Gabby Giffords is no friend of gun owners.

Art Jacobson said...

Seems odd to me to accuse an acknowledged Glock owner as "anti gun."