Friday, February 17, 2006

A Listserve For Candidates

An interesting e-mail is being sent to Democratic Congressional candidates across the country. It originates from an organization identified in its e-mail as UnitedDems at (I presume that’s short for United Democrats.)

It’s an invitation to join a Listserve called November Victory, an internet discussion group for Democratic Congressional candidates. The stated purpose of the listserve is to “share ideas, strategies, and support” with other ’06 Congressional candidates. The author of the letter, it was signed by Cynthia Pooler, also included two telephone numbers with a 518 (NY) area code.

Ms Pooler describes the dialogue as “intense and inspiring.”

I wrote her and asked if it were possible for anyone to sign up and read the exchanges. She replied that the listserve was only for Congressional Candidates. Her phone numbers were real and I left a message on both of them, explaining that I was interested in her project. Haven’t heard back from her yet.

I think it’s a shame that future constituents can’t read the discussions, but I wonder how many primary opponents are going to share “strategies and ideas” with one another? Still, I think this is a good idea and could be a useful undertaking after the primaries.

Of course candidates might then prefer to reserve their energies for exchanges with voters in their districts.

Any ideas?

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Michael said...

I bet Francine Schacter would be game to sign up and share the postings with all and sundry. She's a very transparency oriented person.