Saturday, February 11, 2006

Political Blogs…Who Cares?

The question implies the heresy that perhaps no one cares; that perhaps blogger punditry has no real impact outside the blogosphere. I think the heresy merits some thought.

Of course we bloggers care. We read one another’s blogs, argue, debate, and use them like a Wailing Wall to vent our political angers and anxieties. For the most part we self-segregate, conservatives reading like-minded blogs while progressives hunker down in their own progressive compounds.

I have no idea how many political blogs there are out there but I suspect there are far fewer than we suppose, given the size of the universe of blogs. Ten thousand? More? Fewer?

One of my favorite bloggers…Rayne, of Rayne Today, commented a few days ago that her dear husband, whose life is organized around a job, caring for his family, and all the obligations of daily life sometimes finds it difficult to understand her political passions and concerns. He gets his news as he may, in bits and snippets, from CNN and the evening news.

He is not immersed in politcal news the way Rayne and other politcal bloggers are. What we write probably has no influence on his politcal action. I suspect he represents the majority of voters.

Let’s have your questions, complaints, and criticisms.

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Phil said...

Mrs. Perils used to be both a technophobe and mostly disinterested in politics. I got her into an online book club (that was the technology hook), then she started a diary-style blog. That led her to read other blogs just as the 2004 campaign was heating up, and now she's a political blog junkie. My point is that the blogging phenomenon is not a closed system. As folks like my wife - non-internet, non-political - pass the membrane the phenomenon grows in size and political impact.