Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Salon Blogs

I started blogging with the Salon Blogs and Radio Userland. It was my introduction to blogs and blogging and to one of the most literate blogging communities out in the blogosphere.

Although the blogs had widely different subject matters you could tell from the comments that readers were not limiting themselves to their own particular interests, but enjoying the pleasant company of different ideas and passions.

Salon is winding it’s blog sponsorship out of existence. Many of the Salon bloggers had already moved to other platforms while staying connected to Salon Blogs. With Salon Blogs going out of existence it began to look as if the Salon blog community would fade away.

But there is life after death after all. A Salon meta-blog has been formed and there you can find many of my old friends. I invite you to take a look. (click)

And on a purely housekeeping note: I’ve added a link in the blogroll to a special interest section of The Data Port: The Data Port/Motorcycles

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