Monday, February 06, 2006

Miss Patty Goes Negative

In the nicest possible way, of course. With all the corruption amongst the professional politicians in Washington she wonders if we should be sending another professional politician there. Now let’s see, who could she have in mind?

Patty, m’love, isn’t the job of professional politician the one you’re applying for? Better watch out…your corruption is just around the corner. A sly edging toward political rough and tumble this early in your campaign suggests that you are already out of ideas.

I’ve always been puzzled by the objection to politicians on the grounds that they are professionals; that is, on the grounds that in addition to a back ground and experience in public service, they get paid… like doctors or lawyers or firefighters.

When our house is on fire, or when we need legal services, or when we need our giblets attended to, professionals are what we want. We don’t hunt around for someone with no background in fire fighting, medicine or law just because of an occasional case of corruption, malpractice or incompetence in those professions.


Kralmajales said...
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Anonymous said...

I think your wrong, Art. The bases of our representation is the citizen. What is being discussed is a person that has one goal in life, political resume' and not a clear desire to rep. the people. I, too see some motives in both compaigns that concern me when it comes to personal gain. If these two candidates had real convection in there beliefs, why weren't they in before Kolbe got out? I'd like to here your answers/opinions.

Kralmajales said...
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Art Jacobson said...


You've covered the ground very well indeed. Thanks.

Now let me add that I am fed to the teeth with this odd claim that because a candidate got into the campaign before Kolbe he or she is particularly worthy of our support.

All of Kolbe's previous challengers got into the fight before Kolbe quit, and they all lost! Some may have entered out of a sense of obligation to the Party,some may have been simply "hopeful."

Given the broad support that Kolbe received from conservatice Democrats, a realistic sense of the political posibilities should have indicated that their candidacies were nothing more than forlorn hopes.

Frankly I prefer a candidate with better politcal sense.

sotto voce said...

I think the most important thing is to elect someone who will represent the citizens and I don't think we need a career politician to do that well.

The one or two that chose to get into the race before Kolbe retired did so because they believed firmly that they'd be better representatives than the incumbent and were willing to do the very hard work to give the people that choice.

I think it is pretty unfair to discount those people because they had the strength of their convictions.

Now when the race looks easier, everyone comes out of the woodwork.

If you disparage the early contenders, then disparage the subsequent entrants as well for not having the guts to do something that looked difficult.

These things cut both ways. And none of this really matters as to who is an effective, progressive representative of the people.

My two cents.

Anonymous said...


Notwithstanding the merit or demerits of your arguments, you need to watch your misogynistic tone -- "Miss Patty" and Patty m'love"???

Come on Art, I thought you were more enlightened.

It does nothing but discredit your position.

cc burro said...

To Kralmajales--

You state that "Patty has quite a temper...and can be pretty mean." This is definitely a character charge. Can you provide any specifics re this charge?

The term "career politician" refers to politicians who are NOT statesmen/stateswomen. A "career politician's" main concern above all/most others is getting re-elected so that they stay on their "career" track. Thus, there is a strong tendency for "career politicians" to not be open/honest when push comes to shove. If you ask them about a controversial issues, they'll hedge, fence-straddle, lie or answer some other question--not the one you asked.

Having legislative experience is good. But having honesty/openness, commonsense, intelligence and courage trumps legislative experience.

Art Jacobson said...

"Having legislative experience is good. But having honesty/openness, commonsense, intelligence and courage trumps legislative experience."

But having it all is best.

Anonymous said...

I thought that intelligent people knew the difference between a funeral and a political rally. It appears that I was wrong. How sad.

cc burro said...


However, given that Giffords altered her pronounced Iraq stance in the few weeks between the Patagonia and DFA forum, right now I'm led to believe that she is not being open/forthright re her position on an issue that is important to a lot of Democrats. Let's see what she says re Iraq when she campaigns down near Fort Huachuca.

Art Jacobson said...

Dear CC,

It seems reasonable to wait and see how all the candidates' views on Iraq shake out during the campaign and how they react to what surely may be changing conditions in Iraq over the next nine months.

I'd be very interested in hearing your view on Iraq and what the policy of the United States should be.

To this end I'm putting up an open thread on The Data Port so that any CD 8 voter...Pub, Dem, or Ind...can advise the candidates exactly what they want done, and why.

Note to previous Anon poster: I have no idea what you're referring to. Possible clarification? Please?

Kralmajales said...
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Kralmajales said...
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cc burro said...

Re the intern--

If Patty Weiss did act abusively towards an intern and staff, I hope this comes out before the primary. I would hate for her to win the primary, and then have this story/these people come forward after, and then have the DEMs not win the CD8 seat. IF this is true, you can be sure that the Republicans would try to use this.

Anonymous said...

I think Gabby is the front runner but I don't think she will get broad support from the left in the party with her attempts at a center agenda not to mention it is easy to check her voting record, of which some look like Patty could make a case against her. I hear a lot of grumblings that she is too much business as usual and her answers at the last forum were not received well by the undecided crowd.

Regarding Patty getting mean, I hate to say this, but I hope she does. She comes across as way too nice and that won't cut it. Latas has no problem attacking Giffords, Weiss or anyone else and that toughness may be just what is needed. He wiped the floor with the rest of them at the last debate. Don't get me wrong, I don't think I will support Latas...haven't decided, but Giffords has a pro with her voting experience and also a con because her record is public. Weiss probably has the best chance in the general which I am sure people are considering, but she has to get through the primary.

Art, thanks for this blog! I just discovered and you never mentioned it at any of our dem or PDA meetings.

Anonymous said...

Roger, I voted for Bacall last time both in the primary and general but I have to say, I thought it was lacking in class to endorse Giffords that early and especially in that forum. Just like it lacked class that all the Latas supporters kept clapping after all his answers even when we were told not to. I don't want Eckerstrom or anyone else with major influence to endorse this early. Give it a few months.

Bacall was booed by the people sitting in my row when she made that announcement. I don't think it helped her case when she said, "we need to get a woman in there because we have had men long enough" or something like that. I understand her point and would love to see a female elected but it came across as unprofessional all around.

Regarding the Cochise/Santa Cruz strategy, I noticed that too. I think it may be her campaign manager isn't well respected in Tucson and doesn't feel as comfortable but he has a lot of connections down south so he is probably using them to start momentum. Gabby has a lot of support in those counties too so I wouldn't be too concerned there. I am sure Weiss, Latas and the rest know Giffords is the one to beat. I doubt anyone has raised as much as her or has the insider support like Grijalva, the DLC and likely the DCCC with the rest of her endorsements. Jon

Anonymous said...

I just read the Patty being abusive comment. I would really caution against making personal attacks like that. We don't know if it is true and if it is what are the circumstances. I am sure a lot of really lazy people who worked for me that I reprimanded then fired would say the same thing about me. Effective leadership means holding people accountable. I have had to work with people so emotional that if you say good morning the wrong way they break down and cry. I did get a bit of a chuckle out of the accusation though, because it is so hard for me to imagine but I do hope I see a little more assertiveness on Patty's part if she is to be taken seriously.

I am considering both Patty and Gabby as my top candidates but I need to hear more from them. I do share that other poster's concerns about Gabby changing her position. I have heard her pander in the past and I am sick of that whole thing from politicians. I have been a long time supporter of Gabby's and always voted for her, but I have been increasingly pissed at her voting record and think she is pulling too much of a Hillary Clinton. It is harder for women because they have more to overcome with the voting public but to think that voters can't see through that playing both side tactic is just dumb. That is why the Democrats have lost so much ground over the past 30 years. You have to have convictions and fight for them and not go every which way the wind blows. I would hope by now we all learned the Kerry lesson. Jon

Art Jacobson said...

G'day Bloggers...

Just a note of thanks to y'all for this interesting comment thread. I've found it both challenging and helpful.

Getting kinda long, though, and I'm wondering if any of you are running blogs of your own.

If you are drop me an e-mail, or post your URL here, so I can add it to my blogroll.


Kralmajales said...
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