Saturday, February 18, 2006

November Victory Follow-Up

I spent nearly an hour on the phone yesterday with Cynthia Pooler, the originator of the November Victory listserve. Ms Pooler has devoted the past two years and what she describes as “her heart and soul” to the project of reclaiming Congress for the Democrats. She believes that the secret to doing this is better support of our grass roots candidates

November Victory is intended to be a source of support for those candidates who, Ms Pooler says, often feel isolated and alone—struggling with finances and frequently ignored by the party leadership. It is because their exchanges are sometimes quite personal that she restricts membership in the list to candidates.

It is this failure of support for the grass roots that she believes is responsible for the party’s poor showing and she has a name for them that seems to me to sum up perfectly one of the failures of party leadership. She calls them
Disposable Candidates.

What she has in mind, I believe, is the following situation. A candidate runs in a district almost as a “forlorn hope” because he or she simply believes the incumbent can’t go unchallenged. Then an almost miracle occurs…no, not a win, but a loss by a small margin that indicates the incumbent is vulnerable. When the challenger tries again two years later he or she is cast aside…”after all he lost last time”…or disposed of as nothing more than the past’s sacrificial goat.

If I have misread Ms Pooler, I’m sure she’ll comment here. Do look at this related web site, DCCPAC.


Elizabeth Rogers said...

Yep, basically a place for candidates to let it all hang out.

I am on Nov. Vic. and it has been enlightening.

Jeff Sinnard said...

Cynthia believes in the strength of Democratic ideas. I was adopted into NovemberVictory last summer when I first ran in the Ohio 2nd Special Congressional Election. That race had six Democrats (including Paul Hackett) who believed that all races are competitive and that Democrats can win in "red" areas.

I still believe that no area is out of reach for Democrats and with our positive message and the right messenger we can win anywhere.

Jeff Sinnard
Democrat for Congress
Ohio Second District
Sinnard for Congress

Cheryl AZ said...

I see Richard Morrison is one of the leaders. I met Richard this past summer in Austin as a friend of mine was his volunteer coordinator for his campaign and now is the executive director of Harris county.

Any chance DCCPAC will have a branch and provide funding in AZ???

With so many open races here and a real chance to turn AZ blue it would be great to see.

Tim Bagwell said...

DCCPAC has been working state-by-state and in conjunction with NovemberVictory to organize independent "chapters and affiliates" in each state. After the 2004 election candidates in Illinois and Michigan met to discuss what happened in their respective states and what actions to take. We need to replicate those meetings nationwide.

We require that a quorum of the candidates in each state meet.

We require that a chapter of non-candidates that support their Democratic challengers organize and make funding and support recommendations.

For more details contact me at

Tim Bagwell, Ph.D. IL-19, '04