Friday, August 04, 2006

Arizona CD 8: A Few Quick Notes

Liza, x4mr, Dave, Framer, and Kralmajales have been engaged in an interesting discussion of Lebanon, Hezbollah and Israel in the comment thread to the Data Port post of July 31. I have nothing to add, but I think the exchange might be of interest to a broader audience. Here’s a link.


And on the CD 8 front the Giffords campaign has posted a new TV ad, which you can see here. Incidentally this was the occasion that earned Giffords the title of Quorum Queen… link.

“The GOP attempt to move the bill took place after most Senators had left the Capitol for the night on May 12, 2003. Giffords blocked the bill, which would have reduced health care coverage and hurt senior citizens, by invoking a legislative rule requiring that a majority of the senators be present before the budget could be voted on. A majority of Senators was not able to be convened.

Giffords’ action forced the Republicans to withdraw their after-hours bill and go back to the negotiating table with the Democrats to craft a better budget for Arizona. Thousands of people who currently have health care in Arizona would have had their coverage eliminated had Giffords not taken a stand against
the Republican majority that night and forced a new budget to be negotiated.” (Quote from Giffords’s website.)


The link to Jeff Latas’s blog seems to be missing from his web page. Has he moved it elsewhere?


Looking for the “bug,” the Union Bug, that is. I always check campaign material to see if it was printed in a union shop. Most, but not necessarily all, Democratic candidate material carries the bug on the bottom of the last page. It’s rare on Republican material, but I may see less of that.

If you’ve found the bug, or found it not, drop a note in the comments section. And what about yard and road signs? Anyone found the bug?


'Zona Dem said...

Interesting story-- I was on Gabby's website and I happened to look at her downloadable VBM form. I saw what looked like a union bug on it, and thought that was pretty strange since, clearly, if I download that form and print it out at home... well, that's sure not union printing!
So I zoomed in on the alleged "bug" and saw that it did not belong to a union, but rather to an artists guild. Further research revealed that I could join said guild online and begin using that symbol on anything I print for the nominal fee of $200.

Interesting stuff.

Art Jacobson said...

Just found my first bug...on a circular paper Pederson campaign sticker.

sirocco said...

Zona Dem, I believe if you look closely at the Gbug on the Giffords Vote by Mail card you'll find a UAW stamp, meaning the printing guild is part of the united Auto Workers union.

'Zona Dem said...

Oh, I was just talking about the one you can download and print off from her website... I sure hope that one doesn't have the UAW bug! (As clearly my printing it off at Kinkos is not union printing!)

I can read! said...

Zona Dem:

the bug on the online VBM request form signifies that the form was designed by a member of the artists' guild. It doesn't say that it was printed in a union shop.

'course, if you just read the words PRINTED IN HOUSE right next to the bug, the mystery is solved. People printing the form on their printers at home are obviously not printing in a union shop, and the form doesn't pretend otherwise.

'Zona Dem said...

I Can Read:

...I'm sure you can, but do you comprehend what's being said?
I was in no way implying anything negative about the Giffords campaign, so just relax for a few seconds, take a deep breath, this will all be okay soon (like on Sept. 13th once Patty is the nominee and we don't have to put up with DINOs in our primary... but I digress).

As I was saying. I was not implying anything negative about Gabby's campaign, merely pointing out something interesting that I had never seen before.

Test your reading skills out on that, will ya?

Kralmajales said...
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anonymous said...
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anonymous said...

Gabby is the Dino.

Cutting deals with Republican Senate President Bennett to get out of town so she doesn't ruin his plan. Flat out lies on a TV commercial when she did not block a vote and skipped town the next day where if she had been at the capitol, she could have blocked 4 appropriations.

Do you need a reminder that Gabby registered as a Democrat just months before she filed for her House election? Take a look at Gabby's voting record - observing all her votes with the GOP (always the lone democrat going with the GOP.) What about her taking money from Walmart groups and voting in favor of what Walmart wanted?

This is not fiction – this is FACT. Look it up

In defense of Patty, after 30 years of working as a career women (something Gabby never had to do - she had everything handed to her like George W Bush did) why wouldn't one want her to enjoy the 1st part of her retirement? Where were you Roger during the 05 City Council Races? By the way, where was Gabby – I never Gabby during the 05 Council Races.

As a career women and being a single mother raising a family - how could Patty find the time? Just like the common blue collar democrat that has to WORK for a living. She was too busy trying to put food on the table and clothes on her kids back. (Something Gabby knows NOTHING about.)

Kralmajales said...
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anonymous said...

You are such a loyal foot solider Kralmajales. The Gabby Spin machine - how is the kool-aid? You are so rabid you probably foam at the mouth. What do you have planned for after the primary when Gabby moves to Houston to live with her bf?