Thursday, August 17, 2006

DCCC and Arizona 05

I have received an interesting e-mail from Karin Johanson, Executive Director of the DCCC asking for my vote. My task, should I choose to accept it, would be to choose three candidates from a list of thirty six in the DCCC’s “Candidate for Change” contest. The top three vote-getters would receive special assistance from the Campaign Committee:

# A fundraising email from Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi or DCCC Chairman Rahm Emanuel to our list;

# A phone bank run out of the Democratic National Headquarters for their campaign;

# The feature spot on our Web site to get their message out,with a link to their campaign contribution page;

# An online chat with the DCCC community to exchange ideas on the
campaign and the future of our country.

There is only one Arizona contest on the list, Harry Mitchell in AZ 05. Very interesting, huh? You can vote for Harry Mitchell here.


TimWilsonAZ said...

Voted, thanks for making the announcment!

Blue in AZ said...

Mitchell is the only Arizona challenger with an uncontested primary.

Art Jacobson said...


You're right, of course, but what struck me was the fact that the Party was willing (or able) to offer help only to three candidates out of the thirty-six


Blue in AZ said...

Oh, okay. What strikes me is that they still give lip service to demomcracy, and don't, as you suggest, just look at the FEC reports.

Blue in AZ said...

Demomocracy? LOL. Should be democracy, of course.