Friday, August 18, 2006

CD 08: Another Giffords Endorsement

21st Century Democrats is an organization whose mission is to be:

“--- the catalyst for a new progressive movement in the United States through which we ensure the next generation of elected officials are bold, forward-thinking leaders. We seek out, train, and support extraordinary leaders who are courageous risk-takers and who inspire Americans to take action.”

21st Century Democrats has endorsed 33 candidates in this election cycle including Gabrielle Giffords. Visit 21st Century Democrats here for information about the organization and its recommended candidates.

The Giffords Campaign press release is here.


Ben R said...

Here's another Gabby endorsement: he RNC. They are spending 400K to push poll and trash Patty b/c they don't want to face her in the general.

vetdem said...

Hey Bozo (I mean ben r), are you saying the 21st century dems are connected to the RNC? I don't think so. I also don't think that the RNC is spending squat on push polling Patty. I think Patty and her supporters have quite an imagination.

x4mr said...


On first hearing your remark at AZWatch or whereever, I thought you were nuts.

Starting to have second thoughts.

Open to what shows up over the next few days.

Starting to get the sense that few things are what they seem...

vetdem said...

I've become rather skeptical about what comes out of the Weiss campaign.

Self Appointed Opinion Leader said...

Michael Bryan's conclusion about why the RNCC would fund a push poll, and make it look like it favors Gabby is inescapable.

The Republicans would rather have Gabrielle Giffords as their 'chosen' candidate, and they are willing to pay now or pay later.

Gabby has been set up by the Republicans, not the Weiss camp. This much is certain.

But her most fanatical followers cannot believe who the front-runner has always been, and they are hell bent on not believing the facts on the ground.

This push poll story could become national news, because it came from the Republicans, and the Weiss camp at most did the research necessary to expose the dirty tricks, and exonerate Gabrielle Giffords and any independent 'helpers.'

Will Gabby's people thank Weiss for exposing this dirty trick and tagging the bad guys? I doubt it.

Rex Scott said...

The GOP prefers to run against Giffords? Um...OK! Aren't these the same folks who:

-turned a budget surplus into mounting deficits?

-lied to get us into a war and had no strategy for either exit or victory?

-have gutted and weakened our environmental protection laws?

-have presided over the most corrupt Congress in years, featuring "stars" like DeLay, Cunningham, Ney and Hayworth?

Yep, these folks sure can't be faulted for their judgment and prowess! They must be right in wanting to take on Gifords, despite the fact that she can match them dollar for dollar, despite the fact that she has always attracted GOP and indie support in her legislative races and despite the fact that she has developed an extensive grass-roots network throughout the party and with groups such as the Arizona Education Assn., the AFL-CIO, AFSCME and the Sierra Club.

Those wily Republicans! They're on to us, dammit! We better go ahead and nominate Weiss, despite her lack of support, money and organization.

x4mr said...

Yesterday I bought this RNCC thing hook, line, and sinker as is and as (as of now) posted at Michael's.

Saw Patty front and center on the news last night, reporters furiously scribbling on their pads, and well, hmmmm, and here's Patty looking just fabulous taking on the big guys, and well, hmmm.

Had the poll been against Giffords and their camp made same discovery, would expect similar response.

Have no clue and not asserting a thing. But I have questions, and want to hear RNCC's answer to this.

Self Appointed Opinion Leader said...

Its practically over for Gabby now.

I don't think she can pull it off with three weeks to go.

If most of the undecideds swing to Gabby... she will still lose. The GOP knows this and they no longer consider her a threat.

Darapti said...

Self Annointed...

You're right. The primary is almost over for Gabby. She can start her run for
Congress in three weeks.

Weiss can launch her Mayoral campaign.

Self Appointed Opinion Leader said...

Gabby will be a memory to all but her most fantactical boosters. Time to move on to the next challenge. Bob Walkup is safe, because Patty will win this primary with a solid lead.

Gabby has never been the front-runner, except in the minds of her supporters.

vetdem said...

Self Appointed - How about a little wager here on line? Patty wins and I will send you a hundred bucks. Gabby wins and you forever banish yourself from the blogs. No more self appointed opinion leader or anything close to that. What do you say?

Self Appointed Opinion Leader said...

I don't gamble, I win.

vetdem said...

Not too confident, are you? Can't say I blame you.

Ben R said...


While I agree that the GOP has done an awful job of running the country, they have done a great job of getting themselves elected.
Look at '04. To me the biggest mark of Karl Rove's genius is that he held off the inevitable downfall of President Dipshit just long enough for him to win the election. They also picked up seats in the 2002 midterm, which is a rare feat for the party in the White House.
So my opinion is still that they took a poll and saw that Weiss can easily beat any of their candidates. And then they decided to go after her. Endorsements, money, etc. all help, but if polling shows that the voters know, trust and prefer Weiss to a Republican, thats all that matters.
If this was the GOP, I find it hard to believe that they didn't take a poll. And it doesn't take a political genius to understand poll results.
I think in your heart of hearts, you know I'm right. The Gabby crowd may be disappointed, and you can spin it how you like, but you know that she's not the frontrunner. The most plausible scenario in this whole thing is that either the RNC is doing this poll or a group not affiliated with Gabby but supporting her is behind it. (I myself believe its the RNC, but others have questioned the notion). And the reason either of these groups would resort to push polling is they want Gabby to win badly, and she's simply not right now. The RNC wouldn't invest alot of money in altering the outcome of the Dem primary if they didn't REALLY think it was important.
Think about it, and you know I'm right.

Rex Scott said...

Your zeal for your candidate is admirable, Ben, but the facts don't back you up. Patty's much-touted poll back in June was based on name ID. Plus, it was conducted before TV ads and direct mail efforts started.

Today, the Star reports that Patty tried to talk Jeff Latas into dropping out of the race. She has also attacked Giffords, although her attacks lacked substance and relevance. Trying to get one opponent to fold his tent while simultaneously taking shots at another are NOT the marks of a winning campaign.

If the GOP thinks Patty is ahead in this race, they are basing those delusional thoughts on the same ancient numbers Patty and her handlers talk about at every turn. Every indication of support in the campaign since that poll has gone Giffords' way. I will acknowledge a lack of fresh numbers from any source, but let's stop this incessant blather about a two-month old poll conducted on behalf of the Weiss campaign.

Ben R said...


I'm not talking about a 2 month old poll at all. I'm talking about the fact that the GOP decided to push poll against Patty. They presumably took their own poll, and it showed the same results as Patty's.
The GOP would probably not undergo a big push poll effort without their own polling data. They would be as skeptical as you guys are of Patty's old poll. So they did their own, it showed that Giffords is the weaker candidate.
I appreciate your Ned Flanders optimism, but you know I'm right.

Rex Scott said...

Can you PROVE that the GOP has polled in our race, Ben...or are you engaging in the same kind of speculation Homer Simpson did when he predicted the end of the world and had the whole cast gather on Springfield Mesa to meet a spaceship that would take them to safety?

Ben R said...

Obviously I can't prove it, but I'm engaging in the same kind of logical deduction that Bart did when his elephant Stampy was missing and he followed a path of destruction through the city to find him. He couldn't prove that the elephant had caused the destruction, though to all but the patently obtuse, it was obvious.

George Tuttle said...

Re: Danny Scarpinato's story in Sunday's Star-It's my guess that Latas is much, much stronger than Patty expected.

I don't care what "Myers the flack" thinks-trying to get Jeff out of this race is a sure sign of desperation by the Weiss campaign.

The DVD is still getting a very positive result when I call people up about it.

Rex Scott said...

Ben, despite our differences over politics, your knowledge of The Simpsons is impressive. Clearly, you are a person of class and wit!

George, it is nice to agree with you FOR ONCE! The Weiss camp has been pressing the panic button for months. Their every move indicates their despair. I have already said in other posts that the Latas DVD was an impressive and smart tactic that will be employed again by other campaigns.

Art Jacobson said...


I agree with you and Rex about the Latas DVD.It's hard to tell if one is not on the inside of the campaign, but it seems an expensive way to reach voters.

Still, the DVD was a nifty idea. For one thing, I suspect it's a lot harder to resist than a throw-away paper mailer.

If Latas has a large enough field operation to get into Cochise County he's going to surprise us all.

x4mr said...

My understanding, and those in the know can correct me, is that the Latas volunteers hit the phones hard to prepare people for the DVD, letting them know it was coming, asking if they would watch (when they reached people), verifying correct address, etc., in a concerted effort to maximize viewership.

This would make sense since he is strapped for cash and phone calls are free.

By the way, the DVD's themselves are significantly cheaper than the cardboard jackets they came in.

And just gotta say while I'm here, wasn't Salette just fabulous!

Ben R said...

On September 13, we'll be on the same side no matter who wins, and we'll use the Simpson knowledge to take down the Republicans

Rex Scott said...


To quote Ned Flanders, "O-kellee, doh-kellee, doo!"

Blue in AZ said...

"Each DVD cost the campaign about $1.20, including postage."

That's waaaayyyyy more cost-effective than the 6 or 7 primary voters who might be reached with a $1,000 prime-time television ad.

A candidate who can do wonders with a "cash-strapped" campaign will be able to do wonders with our cash-strapped country.

Art Jacobson said...


Thanks for the info. As I've said elsewhere, I'm impressed with the DVD strategy. It certainly does seem that it would be more cost effective than TV advertising.

I suspect that mailing of targeted print material might still be more cost effective, but that's just a guess.

Paper is easily thrown away but there is something seductive about a DVD; they're hard to resist and are more likely to be passed from hand to hand.