Friday, August 25, 2006

The Data Port Margarita

Here is a recipe for joy or despair. Regardless of whether your candidate wins or loses in the CD 08 primary you may wish to consider the (therapeutic or celebratory) virtue of a fine Margarita.

I believe that devotion to this drink has been expressed by several Data Port visitors. Our prejudice here is that the only drinkable Margarita is hand made. I’ve never had a decent one in a bar.


One lime squeezer. (Use only fresh limes that you squeeze yourself.)
One box of coarse salt to rim the glass.
A solid cocktail shaker. Never blend a Margarita. If you want a slushy go elsewhere….maybe Eegees.
Real limes. Never use bottled lime juice.
Tequilla. It must be good, but need not be great.
Sugar. Make your own simple syrup. 3 oz. water in which 3 oz of sugar has been dissolved. These are volume measures. Make as much as you want.

Recipe for 4 Margaritas

9 oz. Teguila
3 oz. T
4 oz. Freshly squeezed lime juice
2 oz. Simple syrup.

Shake very vigorously in cocktail shaker and pour into glasses rimmed with lime and salt. Repeat as needed.


Kralmajales said...

Many many thanks mi amigo! must try the house margarita at Casa Molina on Campbell (I cannot vouch for their other locations).

Art Jacobson said...

Clearly we will have to put them to the test! Of course this will require more than one.

x4mr said...

Thanks so much, Art, and will second your remarks as well as vouche for Kral's observation regarding Casa Molina.

I went to the one at Columbus and Grant, spoke with the bartender, and he said all Casa Molina's make the same margarita. They might not squeeze their own limes, but they do stick to tequila, triple sec, and lime juice.

The sugar is a touch I'll have to try, but I'm a little dubious.

For folks unawares, Art's margarita is a real drink of the caliber rarely served in public. Drivers and college kids beware.

Don't forget that place I mentioned in Nogales. 4 or 5 blocks in, white hotel, dark bar on first floor.

phx kid said...


Finally something Republicans and Democrats can agree on. Your post gives me a few ideas for this weekend. I can invite a few of my knuckle-dragging, hayseed, far right-wing friends over to try out your fine recipe. We can drown our sorrows over the fact that Randy is losing to undecided (yet looks set to stomp on Huffman.)

I knew there was a reason I have my own lime tree in the backyard. Great suggestion!

x4mr said...


Did you see how the Republic reported on this poll?

the Republican race is much tighter, with state Rep. Steve Huffman holding no clear-cut lead over contenders Randy Graf, a former state legislator, and Mike Hellon, a former state GOP chairman.

I think the Republic has gotten way too familiar with Art's recipe.

phx kid said...

I saw that reported on Arizona 8th. I don’t dislike newspaper because of any supposed political slant. I dislike them because the low quality of their reporting is absolutely astounding.

Long live Blogs!

Liza said...

phx kid,
If you guys want to win elections you are going to have to either ramp up the election fraud in this state or find some candidates. The group running for CD8 could call themselves the Band of Losers.
Does anyone out there know what is it about selling real estate that prepares you for Congress?

Liza said...

I have all I need for when this election is over. It's a form that will change my voter registration from Democrat to Independent. This is the last time in my life that I will allow myself to actually care who wins an election. It is also the last time I will be affiliated with any political party. I will not give one dime or one more second of my time to the Democratic Party at any time in the future. Quite frankly, there is little difference between most Democrats and most Republicans in Congress. However, I do not believe in one party rule, so I will vote for Democrats until there are too many of them. Then I'll probably switch to Republicans, who may have reformed their party by then.

phx kid said...

Liza, if it’s election fraud you want you will have to talk to Nathan Sproul. Since he is not at all a friend of mine you will have to track down his contact info on your own. Good luck.

I’ll admit, unlike the U.S. Senate race, CD 8 will be close. If I were you I would not get to cocky.

I have no idea what qualifies Huffman. He barely showed up for work in his last job. I am not sure why he even wants this one. For answers about Huffman you will have to check with Jim Click Kolbe. Again you are on your own because they are not pals of mine.

Liza said...

phx kid,
Yeah, you're right. After I made that comment I realized that Kyl will probably win because of the power of incumbency. We need term limits so that these people have expiration dates just like so many blocks of cheese. There are plenty of people in Congress from both parties who need to go back to whatever they did before their "public service."

You may be right about CD8 being close. I guess the important thing is to let the people vote and count the votes accurately. If the majority of people vote in favor of Social Security privatization and against universal health care and in favor of endless wars etc...then so be it.

I don't know if you track financial/economic news or not, but its getting pretty dismal out there. People understand recessions even when they don't understand anything else. They might start to develop an appreciation for some of the "social justice" Democratic issues when they need to become the recipients and those programs aren't there anymore.

If the majority of voters want to shoot themselves in their collective foot, then let them do it. As I said above, I'm soon going to be an Independent again and that is pretty much how we Independents think.

phx kid said...


I always shoot myself in the foot by voting Republican because if I vote Democrat then they will take my gun away and I will no longer be able to shoot myself in the foot, literally. Then what would I do?

Liza said...

phx kid,
NOBODY is taking our guns away. I honestly believe that is the least of our worries. Americans will never be disarmed, you can count on it.

BTW, that website you linked to above is really interesting.

So, which Republican candidate are you supporting in CD8? We know its not Huffman. Could it be Graf?

x4mr said...

Enjoying a TDP margarita (well, using singular because it is inside a single glass).

Excellent, Art. It's amazing how hard it is to find this at a restaurant. I guess the places don't have the wherewithal to use fresh lime juice or adequate tequila.

I don't understand the R side of this election, but I did run into some rather interesting scuttle (my promise is that I was told this, have no clue if it is true), which is that RNCC and R party cannot stand Graf and is actively coaching/supporting Huffman. Further, heard that folks high and mighty dispatched two operatives from DC to Tucson last week to consult Steve full time and pull this thing through for him.

Hungry for a blue victory, I'd love to see Graf prevail on 9/12 because I think he will be easier to beat. I encounter R's who feel the same way about Graf, and therefore want (and some most insistent and confident) Huffman to prevail.

Two months ago, I nodded at the logic and expected to see this happen.

Now I'm just scratching my head. How can all those big names, all that money, and all that party support (presumed), produce what appears to be a complete fiasco of a campaign?

What am I missing?

phx kid said...


I am supporting the pro-life, NRA rated A+, “Friend of the Taxpayer”, front-runner in CD8.


Have heard the same thing about RNCC but I do not know the details about that smoke-filled room stuff. I am much more someone who just walks neighborhoods.

It is very simple actually. The R party activists, on the right and in the middle, DESPISE Huffman. He has done nothing but look out for himself. The right does not like his voting record, which when you closely examine it tilts from moderate slightly toward liberal.

The moderate wing of the party quickly got behind Mike Hellon. They like him and getting the support of east side supervisor Carroll was a coup.

George Bush and Dick Cheney could come and campaign for Huffman and he would loose. I don’t even think Karl Rove could help Huffman. On top of the party insiders hating the guy he has run an awful campaign. What was with the flashlight ad?

I guess the Tucson Republican Women had a CD 8 forum this morning (8-26-06.) Randy asked Steve to clean it up for the last 2 weeks and then Mike Hellon got up there and tore Huffman a new one. Mike Hellon took Stevie apart for stalking his ex-wife, with whom he is still apparently quite close. Mike is well respected within the party, even among those who disagree on the issues. Huffman is toast.

x4mr said...

Certainly can't argue with you, PK (feeling that margarita, Art) that Huffman is all but DOA on 9/12.

Still baffled by the what appears to be a remarkable miscalculation. I mean, we are talking about Kolbe, Click, Olsen, Walkup, Diamond, the realtor folk, the mortgage folk, the RNCC, some moderates R's and $500K+, behind Huffman, and---WHAT?

The woman (it will be a woman) that wins on 9/12 can beat Graf.

phx kid said...

All I can think of about the “remarkable miscalculation” is that the longer you live in a bubble the more you think that little bubble is the world.

A big mistake people make is letting their personal disdain for someone cloud their judgment. Randy is not popular with the cognoscenti but the average Republican primary voter thinks he is pretty cool. My opinion is that the higher-ups don’t get out and mix with the flat-landers much so Click et all had no idea how the base would vote.

There is one glaring point that should have been obvious. Little Pee-Wee Herman looking Huffman would never do well in Cochise County. I guess the strategy was to make up for it in the Tucson area.

There was Ray Carroll on the east side pulling all the moderates to Hellon. The Foothills is 50/50 R/D and does not have that many voters. The NW area is owned by the far-right now that Melvin has them all whooped-up and organized. They all missed what was happening on the ground.

As to November, a woman may win. She will then have to defend the seat every two years in a Republican district. If she gets in she had better triangulate like crazy. I would recommend Janet as a mentor.

Liza said...

phx kid,
I've only recently started to pay attention to the CD8 Republican candidates, and I find your analysis really interesting. It's funny that you have compared to Huffman to Pee-Wee Herman. I'm sorry to state the obvious, but Randy Graf is not going to remind anyone of John Wayne.

phx kid said...


I read your comment really fast and at first thought you said Wayne Newton.

Randy does not have to look like anybody. He is a classic conservative and the base GOP voter loves him.

George Tuttle said...

I would love to take all of you out for a beer after this frickin' campaign.

phx kid said...

Would that be September 13 or November 8?

And do we have to reveal our screen names to get the beer?

x4mr said...

Wayne Newton! HA HA!! I have this image of him, some photo I saw, and the visual in the context of this campaign got my funny bone!

Frankly I think all of the candidates look fine.

Whoever wins this will have no walk in the park for round two in two years. On the D side, I have to say I think Giffords will most adept at hitting the ground running and establishing what it takes to keep the seat.

Back to the margarita, how you like to do the ice, Art? Do you mix and then just pour over rocks? Do you put ice into the shaker and strain over rocks?

We all have our ways. Just curious.

Finally, yes, after this campaign margaritas and chocolate stout and other festivities are most in order. I may have to wait till later to fire up the stoagie, but there's an Ashton Spellbound with my name on it.

Art Jacobson said...

Good Lord...Ice..yes...

I put cubes in the shaker and shake like mad. Then strain the Margaritas (with some shards of ice) into the glasses.

For a large party it can be hard on the host to make lots of margaritas. I have an alternative for large groups.

The Yucca Flats (Re-named The Scorpion)

This drink...according to the mythology this was drunk by physicists and such horse's necks in bombville.

1. In a one gallon glass jar put the juice of five large lemons (Reserve some peels.)

2.Pour in a rounded 1/3 cup of sugar, more if you want this to be a bit sweeter. (I don't)

3. Stir until the sugar is completely dissolved. Slice the peels of one or two lemons and drop in the jug.

4. Add one quart of tequilla. (Boom! Sting) and screw the lid on and set aside until the party starts.

5. Fill the jar with commercial crushed ice and shake.

Ladle into plastic glasses (for God's sake don't use your best crystal.)

Attention This is not a fake Margarita. It seems more like a tequilla-flavored lemonade health drink. It is tequila flavored. It is not a health drink. I will be happy to provide some for the party...wherever it is.

Liza said...

Do you have a drink recipe for something with rum? I don't like tequila and it appears that you know your stuff.

Liza said...

phx kid,
Anonymity is irrelevant. I'm pretty sure I could pick you out of this crowd.

Framer said...

phx kid,

Don't you have a blog that needs updating? Come on, we need a little help holding down the Red side of the local blogosphere, especially on the state races.

phx kid said...


Back off, I am trying to get a free cold one. After walking all summer for your ultra-extreme-right-far-out candidates I deserve a complementary beverage.


I will be easy to spot. I am the one who cannot form a sentence and whose knuckles are dragging on the floor. I would bring my wife but she has to stay at home and watch our 11 children because our 12th child, who uesd to baby sit, grew up and left home.

George Tuttle said...

Don't you guys have horns sticking out of your head and a tail??

Just a wondering and a jokin'

Liza said...

phx kid,
Come on now. I have complimented you several times on your ability to form a sentence.

Yes, do back off. Phx kid likes liberals. There is something about poverty and powerlessness that makes us great conversationalists. I hope we don't lose our charisma when we take back the country.

x4mr said...

HA HA. That Neanderthal remark about complete sentences and knuckle dragging was referring to those who still think sexual orientation is a "choice" instead of a determined thing like hair color.

It was not spoken to apply to all on the R side of the aisle.

We like what we like. Desire is by its nature, desire. We don't choose it. I didn't "choose" to like the TDP margarita. No one is going to make me like a daiquiri. No one is going to make me like Mariah Carey. Will go to hell first on principle.

Same goes for my preference of the gender of whoever joins me in my room (females only!).

And if God accompanied by Christ, Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, and others descends and says, "x4, you're supposed to be with guys" I won't hold the venom back.

And it's the folks that don't get this, the folks that shove a Coors Light in my face, "This is the MORAL beer to drink!" when truth is that for moi Guinness rules, that are the knuckle dragging, drooling Neanderthals that cannot speak a complete sentence.

What completely baffles me is why they could care less what I drink, or rather, the gender of the person spending the night.

phx kid said...

I can taste that free cold beer now.

George, tell us when and where.

x4mr said...

Well, just have to say, Art (now that I've calmed down from the anti-homophobe rant) that your Yucca Flats recipe sounds positively dangerous.

It would make sense that the folks who created the atom bomb would drink such a potion.

Sounds like a fabulous party may be in the works.

The Tucson Chamber has endorsed three republicans for CD8, Hellon, Huffman, and Graf (hmmm). Even more strange, they endorsed Alex Rodriguez (double hmmm).