Wednesday, August 30, 2006

CD-08 NRCC Makes Major Media Buy

The CD-08 primary wars are going to be getting hotter.

With two weeks to go the National Republican Campaign Committee has made a major media buy, in the neighborhood of a quarter of a million bucks. That’s some neighborhood, and the street talk is that it’s a neighborhood in which Randy Graf is not welcome.

Will the NRCC also be dipping a toe into the CD-08 Democratic primary? Guess we’ll have to start watching TV.


AZYouLikeIt said...


What I read into that: The NRCC's polling must show at least one of the primaries as still being up in the air. If the Weekly's numbers were sound, would they even bother messing around in a primary at this point?

I'm curious if the ads are anti-Graf, pro-Gabby, or some combination thereof.

Randall Holdridge said...

If the Inside Tucson Business/Sierra Vista ..../Tucson Weekly poll is even nearly accurate, then any investment at the NRCC can make has to be aimed at the giant bloc of undecided Republicans.

Assuming (as I do) that Mr. Graf is a dead-certain loser to Ms. Giffords in November, would they put this money into Mr. Huffman or Mr. Hellon, or into creating Giffords negatives.

Since, it's the NRCC, I'm assuming that Jim Kolbe is probably a key decider on this. I believe that Mr. Kolbe (and his supporters) would rather see Ms. Giffords elected than Mr. Graf, for personal and economic (mainly border-related) reasons.

I think the answer to this question lies in whether or not Mr. Kolbe has given up on Mr. Huffman chances, and with all those undecideds and a quarter million bucks, why should he

SonoranDesertRat said...

These guys play hardball. That's a small media buy compared to what they'll be doing for the general... just watch. The DCCC had better step up to the plate on this one.

x4mr said...

Have said rather often that I am willing to be wrong. Was married once.

Certain pieces are gelling in some respects. I have posted before on several occasions about confident folk saying "Whatever it takes, period" to prevent Graf on 9/12, and that the chosen R nominee is Huffman. Can they do this? Don't know.

I have also posted repeatedly, at expense of some ridicule (it's ok), that Huffman wanted to face Weiss.

So at expense of being very wrong, will speculate that this upcoming barrage is going to hit Graf and Giffords, and promote Steve.

Now, given recent events, maybe the D side has been written off and they are resigned to facing Giffords and won't bother her (until 9/13).

Finally, this last push will be new material voicing that (as posted weeks ago), "A vote for Graf is a vote for the democrat in November."

If this last push is just increasing the volume of flashlights and upside down GW photos, we're witnessing the most ridiculous waste of money since... oh....., wait......


Chris said...

I have seen the piece and it is a simple positive ad for Huffman. He does call himself a conservative at the end but that wing of the party does not seem to have much use for Stevie.

Rex Scott said...

Were I Graf, this media buy would tell me to begin planning my general election campaign. The big money and strategy boys are chucking Huffman a BIGGER flashlight so that he can find his way out of the deep, dark mess his ineptitude and negativity have created. It's too little, too late, but it's also too late to get their troops to coalesce behind Hellon.

Will the GOP have a "unity breakfast" after the primary? Honestly, as rough as Gabby and Patty have been on each other, they STILL haven't said or done anything that will prevent them form joining forces on September 13th. The GOP primary has been WAY UGLY...and any reconciliation looks unlikely.

phx kid said...

The only person who has burned bridges on the GOP side is Huffman. The rest of the candidates have stuck to the issues. If Graf wins I doubt Hellon will hate him for the type of campaign that he ran. There is a lingering bad feeling about when Graf ran against Kolbe but since Jim stepped down most people will get over it.

In the general it will come down to who can run a solid campaign. Randy has done some things right (his extreme radio ad is great) and made some huge blunders (Aiken.) For the November race he will need to get it right each and every time.